About Us

Situated on the picturesque hills at an altitude of 2950 feet overlooking  the back  waters of Bhatghar dam. Gandharva Has a unique panoramic view of the mountain & valleys. Soothing breeze & pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by lush mountains, makes every season, every moment, enjoyable at Gandharva.

  • Gandharva is a unique blend of nature and pleasure. All in 100% pollution free environment.
  • Today, we have everything which money can buy. Gadgets to goods, car to carpet, computer to games. These things can only give us comfort but not satisfaction.
  • Space is required to draw satisfaction, a change is required, cheerful holidays are required, where spending of time should be, celebration of self! Where life can be experienced!
  • Space for peace of mind, space to recreate, and space to express, to rejoice. A natural breeze, where freedom can be experienced.
  • Space to portray deepest desires. Space in self, Space in “Nature”. Today, photos are ample & paintings are spare. Amenities are ample & happiness is rare.
  • Here, at Gandharva, Artificial is left far behind & natural is liven. Urban jungle is left far behind and Mother Nature is embraced.
  • Today, Nature… Space… Peace… Happiness… and Comfort Together is true LUXURY…


  • Total Area: 16,500 sq.ft.
  • Total Stage area:2,400 sq.ft Has approximately 800 seating capacity & 1200 pax capacity in 7200 sq.ft of area.
  • Has 14 rooms for changing and makeup in 2,400 sq.ft of area. 3000 sq.ft of area is for banquet.
  • The other area is approximately 1,500 sq.ft.
  • Party Lawn Area: 60,000 sq.ft. can be used for a variety of purposes like live concerts, Dramas, Events, Get Together, Gatherings & Weddings & Product Launch, etc.